Signa System Inc. warrants to retrofit customer, that its retrofit installed window units will not, for a period of 10 years from the date of installation, develop any material obstruction of vision due to fogging, film buildup or condensation between the interior glass surfaces of the retrofitted unit caused by failure of the hermetic seal as a result of faulty materials, workmanship or installation.

This warranty shall not apply to glass breakage, improper handling of the unit or maintenance of the original glass and frame. The liability under thiswarranty shall be limited to replacement of the failed unit only.

SIGNA SYSTEM INC. will bear no other expense, such as labor cost of any kind, and the purchaser’s exclusive remedy in lieu of all incidental, specialor consequential damages is limited to refund or furnishing of anothersimilar system.

SIGNA SYSTEM INC. makes no other representation of any kind regarding the system, whether as to its fitness for a particular purpose or use, of any other warranty, express or implied.

In the event the product fail to conform to the warranty described above, SIGNA SYSTEM INC. will replace the failed unit at its own expense.

This warranty may be transferred to a new owner during the warranty period.