The SIGNA System is a method designed for the on-site conversion of single glazed windows to hermetically sealed insulating glass.



During the past twenty years, almost all of the existing high-rise buildings have been equipped with new, computerized, high efficiency heating, and cooling ventilation systems. Today the window area is all that remains as the main and last source of energy loss from a building. Improving the efficiency of a glass area will also reduce operation costs, help increase profits, as well as increase a building’s overall market value.


Converting single glazed windows to insulated glass will reduce the heat exchange during the winter and summer months from 60% to 85%. The degree of effectiveness is dependant on the type of glass used, the utilization of argon gas, and the use of sun reflecting film, or Low ”E” coatings.


This existing market of high rise buildings represents specific challenges to the building owners and its administrators. These buildings are often fully occupied by tenants. The replacement of existing glass or windows using traditional methods is extremely expensive and is also significantly disturbing to the tenants’ business operations. In many instances, it is physically impossible to conduct effective window replacement due to the particular construction of  the outside curtain walls, or due the nature of the tenant’s operations, without severely displacing the whole normal operation.


The only workable solution to this difficult problem is the concept of  SIGNA RETROFIT INSULATING GLASS (or SIGNA RIG) which is the SIGNA SYSTEM. The SIGNA SYSTEM is created by adding an additional layer of glass from the inside (or outside) and sealing it hermetically to the existing glass in the building. By utilizing the existing glass and improving upon it, we protect the tenant from the elements and make the retrofit feasible. When installing high performance coatings on existing glass, utilizing argon, and using Low “E” glass or other high performance glass as a secondary layer, this type of installation creates an insulated glass unit that is capable of energy savings from 60% to 85%. It is also possible to create triple or multi-layer units for the improvement of safety, more sound insulation, or to serve other purposes a customer desires.


The SIGNA SYSTEM can be installed in all types of window frames and curtain wall systems including wood, steel, rubber, aluminum, and PVC.