New Approach To Noise Reduction

Noise reduction windows are one of the leading home improvement that adds re-sale value and convenience to your property, while you save money on energy costs! Many of our customers come to us inquiring about how they can reduce street noise in their condominium. I have compiled some information taken from various points on our website and brought them here for you.

The Cost of Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is a serious issue, particularly when living in an area with high levels of air traffic or busy roads. Too much noise can be damaging to health (increased stress, disrupted sleep). It can hinder academic learning and concentration.

How Glass is Used To Reduce Noise

Insulating glass units were originally introduced to reduce heat loss through windows. However, by judicious design, it is possible also to achieve moderately high acoustic insulation. The main principles to employ this are the use of thick glass, and ensuring that the component glasses differ in thickness by at least 30 percent (e.g. 10mm + 6mm or 6mm + 4mm) in order to offset individual resonances (suppress sympathetic resonances).

The acoustic glass within a double-glazed unit comprises a special interlayer which acts as a dampening core to prevent sound frequencies from vibrating from one pane of glass to the other. This absorbs and weakens sound energy, helping to act as a barrier to noise.

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Still need more information on Noise Reduction?

Please read our page dedicated to Sound Insulation this page includes charts for Recommended Interior Noise Levels and further benefits to Noise Reduction in your building and home.


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  1. I agree that you want to consider the levels of noise pollution and what the cost of that is in your home. It would seem that if you have small children or have trouble sleeping this would be especially annoying. I live in a pretty noisy area, so I may have to look into treating my windows with noise reduction material.

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